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Colored marble plaster. For interior and exterior use. Granulation: 0.2-0.5 mm. Does not contain solvent.

Technical description:


Steel trowel , airless spray (nozzle with a diameter of 0.021 to 0.026 inches, or 0.53 to 0.66 mm, pressure 6-8 atm., Spray angle 40-80º)

Type of material:

Colored plaster from marble chips.


Water, synthetic acrylic dispersion, colored (dyed) marble chips, fillers, additives, preservative.


according to the delivery program.

Gloss level:



Steel trowel, construction gun.


For decorative, robust plastering coatings with a very uniform color and texture. Thanks to its expressive colors, it is used as an original finishing material. It is distinguished by its high strength and resistance, especially on surfaces with high operational requirements, for example, walls on staircases, corridors, foyers, checkout halls, metro stations.


Weather resistance, impact resistance, adhesion and diffusion ability. Resistant to alkaline media, diluted with water, almost odorless, does not harm the environment.


Must be firm, dry, strong and free from dirt and grease.


The base must be professionally processed.

Priming and intermediate coats: Kaizer brand Quarzgrund quartz primer with the addition of Kaizer Vollton- und Abtonfarbe dye, matching the color of the plaster.

Finishing coat: with Kaizer Keramogranit plaster, if possible without thinning. Add water if necessary (up to max. 1% water) to achieve the desired consistency. Apply evenly with a stainless steel trowel and trowel immediately in one direction without transitions, min. layer thickness 1.5 - 2 grains.


Do not use in direct sunlight, in strong winds or in anticipation of rainy weather. When processing large surfaces, we recommend working in a group. Do not use on horizontal surfaces. The plaster is made of natural marble or quartz granules, therefore slight color fluctuations are possible. If you need several buckets of plaster to treat one surface, you must use the buckets of the same batch. If the products are from different production batches, it is necessary to mix the contents of the buckets required for processing this surface with each other. During a break in application, work only with masking tape!


Max. 1% water.

Cleaning of working tools:

Immediately after use with water.


Store in a cool and dry place, protect from frost. Shelf life in the original packaging of the manufacturer is 12 months. Do not freeze!


15 kg, 25 kg


OK. 1.5-2.0 kg / m2. (granulation: 0.2-0.5mm), For a more accurate calculation, carry out a test application on site.

Drying time:

At a temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 65%, the surface is ready after approx. 24 hours, complete drying and operation is possible after 3 days. Drying time is correspondingly longer in cool and humid weather.

Processing temperature:

Not lower than + 5 ° С (base, air, during work and drying).


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not inhale vapors when spraying. Ventilate well during and after handling the product. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains, waterways or soil.


According to local regulations.

Colored stone plaster - Keramogranit

15 Kilograms
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