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The main coating on foam profiles. Ready for outdoor use.

Usage technology:

1 layer - Decorative plaster

2 layer - Facade paint

Technical description:

Type of material:

A decorative coating for machine application on decorative foam profiles and decorative elements for facades.


Water, acrylic dispersion, fillers, polypropylene fibers, additives, preservative.




  g / cm3

Granulation coating:

DECO TOP K10 - super-elastic fine-grained (with 0.2 mm filler) is used for elements requiring high bends, such as framing columns, arches, etc.


Machine application with a spray gun.

Application area:

For machine application on decorative profiles and elements for decorative finishing of facades, namely for covering EPS (Polystyrene) profiles in factory conditions on special equipment (machine). It is also used for application on plaster, concrete, LSU slabs, OSB, for sealing fiber-reinforced concrete joints.


Elastic, creates a tough and flexible "shell" to protect expanded polystyrene products, has high adhesion to the base. The resulting coating is weatherproof, resistant to climatic influences, resistant to mechanical stress, has high elasticity and moisture resistance and good vapor permeability.

Substrate preparation:

The surface must be clean, dry and sound, free of grease. Dirt on the surface impairs the adhesion of the material to the surface. Substrates for application should be stored in dry rooms, protected from frost.

Application procedure:

   Mix the contents of the bucket thoroughly (without beating). The plaster is placed in the application unit, the material is applied by machine within 30-60 minutes.

Spray application using a spray gun: dilute the plaster with water up to a maximum of 10% and mix thoroughly. Apply in 2 stages. The first layer is a primer, the second layer is used to add thickness and texture.

The first layer is applied under high pressure with a 6 mm nozzle. The material is applied in even stripes, first horizontally, then vertically, trying to achieve an even distribution over the surface. The distance from the surface to be coated to the nozzle is at least 50-60 cm. The formation of drips is not allowed.

The second layer is applied after the first one has completely dried. The air pressure when applying the second coat is reduced to obtain a coarser surface texture. The material is applied in the same way as the first coat.

The adhered and dry surface is suitable as a base for the application of paints and varnishes.

Coated items must be dried at temperatures between + 20C and + 40C. Layer thickness min. 2.5 mm max. 5 mm.

If you have any questions, it is better to contact the consultant of the manufacturer.

Drying time:

Depending on the applied layer. Complete drying after 24 hours at a temperature of + 20C and a relative humidity of 65%. When drying products in a drying chamber at a temperature of + 40C, complete hardening lasts 8-10 hours.

Temperature range:

Air and substrate temperature during application and drying is not lower than + 5C and humidity is not more than 60%.


determined at the rate of 1.3 kg / m2 with a layer of 1 mm. The most accurate determination of consumption is a test application.

Cleaning the machine:

Immediately after use with water.


Store in a cool, frost-free place, out of reach of children.

Shelf life in the original packaging of the manufacturer is 12 months.


Plastic bucket 25 kg.


According to local regulations.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, flush with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains.

Decorative plaster - DECO TOP K10

25 Kilograms
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