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Ready to eat. Allows work at low temperatures. Does not affect tinting. Has a neutral odor. For interior and exterior use. Environmentally friendly product.

Technical description:

Type of material:

Antifreeze additive for paints, primers and plasters, allowing work at low temperatures - up to minus 15 ° C. Allows paint or plaster to withstand several freeze-thaw cycles.


Water, functional additives, preservative.




Approximately 1.0 g / cm3.


Add the agent to paint, primer, or plaster according to the instructions.


Kaizer brand Antifrost Acryl is designed to prevent freezing of water-borne primers, paints and plasters. When added to paint or plaster "Antifrost Acryl", "Kaizer" brand prevents the formation of ice crystals in the coating layer, which allows work at low temperatures.


The substrate must be strong, dry, clean and capable of bearing the load. In cold weather, the base should not be covered with ice or frost.

The surfaces must be treated with Kaizer “Putzgrundharter 1: 4” primer with the addition of Kaizer “Antifrost Acryl” up to 10%.

With the addition of the Kaizer brand Antifrost Acryl frost-resistant additive, it is permissible to carry out work at an air temperature from -50C to -100C. There should be no sudden changes in temperature and humidity, both the day before painting and two days after, for example, up to -20C frost and up to + 100C heat.

Operating procedure:

The agent should be added to paint or plaster in small portions with constant stirring in an amount not exceeding 10% by volume and mix thoroughly.

"Antifros Acrylt" by "Kaizer" does not change the painting properties of paint or plaster (a slight decrease in viscosity is possible), does not affect the color and gloss of the coating. It should be borne in mind that adding the product increases the drying time of the product.

Products do not freeze at -100C, but their properties change at low temperatures. Therefore, we recommend using two paint buckets alternately. One is in a warm room - heats up, from the second you paint the wall. When you feel that the brush or roller has noticeably increased resistance, then swap the buckets

When using Kaizer Antifrost Acryl it is not recommended to additionally thin the paint. It is advisable to use paint with the addition of Kaizer Antifrost Acryl within a week.

Antifreeze additive prevents spoilage of products during short-term freezing, namely during transportation. The use of antifreeze additive does not ensure permanent storage of paintwork materials in unheated rooms.

Cleaning tools:

Wash immediately after use with water and detergents.


about 0.25 kg per 25 kg of paint or plaster, depending on the air temperature and the surface at which the work will be carried out. The most reliable method of accurately setting the flow rate is by trial addition and coverage.


In a tightly closed container 1 year


0,5 l


According to local regulations

Antifrost acryl - antifreeze additive for paints and plasters

1 Liter
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