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For interior work. Pearl paint with satin sheen. Resistant to abrasion and washing.

Usage technology:

1 layer - Base

2nd layer - Deep penetration impregnation primer

3 layer - Putty for interior work

4 layer - Pigmented primer paint

5 layer - decorative finish

Technical description:

Type of material:

Pearlescent paint for decorative finishing with the addition of acrylic-based mineral filler.


water, acrylic dispersion, pearlescent pigment, fillers, preservative.



Gloss level:

silky glossy.


1.4 g / cm3.


metal paste, roller, sponge, plastic spatula, etc.


Suitable for application on all prepared mineral substrates (concrete, cement plasters, gypsum plasterboards, etc.), as well as previously painted walls and ceilings with water dispersion paints. This product is intended for general use (residential, office, etc.).


For a silky satin finish, abrasion and wash resistant, odorless, economical.

Surface preparation:

Prepared surface clean from dust, process primer paint «Putzgrundierfarbe weiss» Kaizer brand, on the need for a primer paint to add color to the tone "Satin" to obtain uniform color bases.

Operating procedure:

Stir well before application. Apply the paint to the prepared surface using a metal paste or a spatula, layer thickness - no more than 1 mm. After drying, after 6-8 hours, apply dotted strokes with a spatula, brush, or sponge, then begin to create a drawing with a plastic paste in a circular motion. Does not require the use of additional coatings.

Cleaning tools:

rinse with water immediately after use.


350 g / m2.


Not lower than + 5 ° С


1kg, 3kg, 5kg.

Drying time:

At t + 20 ° С at least 6-8 hours between layers. Complete drying 24 hours.

Processing temperature:

+ 20оС, relative humidity of air and base 65%.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, flush with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains.


according to local regulations

Decorative finishing silk - Satin matt

1 Kilogram
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