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Creates the effect of a wet stone, transparent. Contains wax to make the surface water and dirt repellent. Contains no organic solvents.

Technical description:

Type of material:

Water- borne stone varnish based on acrylate polymer dispersion for decorative treatment and protection of stone.


Milky white, colorless when dry.

Gloss level:



Water, acrylic dispersion, wax, matting additive, functional additives, preservative.


Approximately 1.0 g / cm3.


Brush, roller, swab.


Water-borne semi-matt acrylic lacquer for weather protection, durability and decorative finishes on various mineral surfaces. Designed to cover non-porous natural stone (flagstone, granite, marble, etc.), plinths, garden paths.


It is resistant to climatic factors. Contains wax, which increases the water and dirt repellency of the coating and makes it easy to clean with wet cleaning, as well as a UV filter that protects the surface from fading. It emphasizes the texture and color saturation of the treated surface, gives it the effect of "wet stone". Provides long-term protection. Seals and increases the strength of the surface of the material, preventing the formation of dust, cracks, chips and potholes. Increases wear resistance. Protects against the formation of mold, moss, etc. Easy to use. Absolutely transparent, after drying it does not turn yellow, does not crack or fade. After processing, the surface is easy to clean.


The varnish is not intended for glazed and polished surfaces. Do not use for facing bricks with efflorescence problems. Do not use on facades in case of a breakdown of the shut-off waterproofing between the foundation and walls. To wash the treated surface, use water and, if necessary, neutral and slightly alkaline detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaners or hard sponges or brushes. Strong friction can make the surface glossy. The coating acquires its final wear resistance after about 4 weeks.

Substrate preparation:

The surface must be sound, dry and free from efflorescence, sand, dust, dirt, oil and grease. Previously painted surfaces must be cleaned of old flaking material, sandpaper and rinsed with water. Places affected by mold or moss must be thoroughly cleaned mechanically and treated with Sanierlosung, rinsed with water and dried.

Application procedure:

Stir the varnish thoroughly before use, and stir occasionally during work. Dilute if necessary. One coat of lacquer is sufficient to obtain a “wet stone” effect on a moderately absorbent surface. When processing porous surfaces, apply a second coat of varnish after 1-2 hours. Stone surfaces exposed to strong weathering or intense mechanical wear are recommended to be varnished annually.

Cleaning tools:

With soap and water immediately after use.


The guaranteed shelf life is 12 months from the date indicated on the package. Store and transport in original hermetically sealed containers at temperatures from +5 0С to + 35 0С.


1 l, 5 l, 10 l.


Approximately 8-12 m2 / l, or approximately 100 g / m2 depending on the absorbency of the substrate. The most accurate method of setting the flow rate is a test application.

Drying time:

For the second layer 1-2 hours, full 2-4 hours at 20 ° C and 80% relative humidity.

Processing temperature:

+ 10 ° C minimum for substrate and atmosphere during processing and drying.


Follow the general rules of occupational health. Work in work clothes, gloves. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse with water, if necessary consult a doctor.


Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. Do not empty into drains. Avoid release to the environment.

Stonelack matt / glanz - Stone varnish

1 Liter
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