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Usage technology:

1 layer - Base

2nd layer - Deep penetration impregnation primer

3rd layer - Putty

4th layer - Quartz soil

5 layer - decorative finish

6 layer - Azure Effect Lazur

Technical description:

Type of material:

Decorative plaster Leonardo - fine-grained structural plaster for imitation of the texture of the walls of the interior of the southern European provinces. Lightweight and easy to use. Ready to use.


Water, synthetic acrylic dispersion, titanium dioxide, additives, preservative.



Gloss level:



1.72 g / cm3


By brush, roller, spatula


Forms a fine-grained structured coating resistant to abrasion for effective subsequent surface treatment. Easy to apply, adheres perfectly to the surface, practically odorless.


The substrate must be dry, clean, strong and capable of bearing the load. Remove old fragile paint layers, thoroughly clean the surface. Prime highly absorbent substrates with Kaizer Concentrated Primer Putzgrundharter 1: 4. Then apply Kaizer Quarzgrund for better adhesion of subsequent applications.

Operating procedure:

When ready to use, the white filler is applied with a steel trowel to the substrate and then the desired structure is formed with the trowel. After 8-10 hours, depending on the layer thickness, decorative glaze can be applied for the final finishing. On surfaces that are connected to each other, the plaster is applied in one pass, without interruption in the application.


Computer tinting (by machine), or by hand using colors for water-based paints.


1.5 kg / m2 depending on the desired structure. The most accurate determination of consumption is a test application on site.


Store in a cool, dry and frost-free place for 12 months.


8 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg.

Drying time:

At a temperature of + 20 ° C and an air humidity of 65%, repainting is possible after 8-10 hours. Drying time is longer at lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Processing temperature:

+ 5 ° C minimum for substrate and air during processing and drying.

Cleaning tools:

With water, immediately after use, with the addition of detergent.


Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, otherwise rinse immediately with water. In order to protect the environment, do not discharge into water bodies, soil or sewers.


According to local regulations.

Decorative plaster Leonardo - L. DaVinchi Struktur No. 1

8 Kilograms
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