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Ready-to-use acrylic filler for sealing joints, cracks, etc.

Technical description:

Type of material: Ready-to-use acrylic filler- sealant for sealing joints, cracks, etc.

Composition: Water, synthetic acrylate dispersion, fillers, preservative.

Color: Gray.

Density: 1.6 g / cm3.

Application: metal trowel, notched trowel.

Scope: It is used for sealing inter-tile joints, cracks, mesh cracks, etc. For application on mineral surfaces, wood, MDF, drywall.

Properties: Ready to use, does not contain solvents, has a high initial setting moment, forms an elastic seam, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic.

Application tool: metal spatula, metal paste.

Surface preparation: The surface must be dry, clean and sound. Dirt and substances that prevent adhesion (sticking), for example, oil, as well as protruding parts of the adhesive solution or polyurethane foam must be removed. Damaged, flaking parts should be removed as much as possible. Hollow spaces in the plaster must be broken off and re-plaster. Prime the surface with Kaizer Putzgrundharter 1: 4, diluted 1: 4 with water.

Material preparation: Stir the Kaizer brand Kittputz before use. If it is necessary to adjust the consistency of the putty, it can be thinned by adding a small amount of water (maximum 1-2%).

Application: Apply a thin layer of the Kaizer brand Kittputz putty to the surface with a metal spatula, immediately achieving a smooth, even surface. subsequent sanding will be difficult due to the elasticity of the putty. After the putty has dried within 24 hours, you can apply another leveling layer of the putty so that the total thickness of the finished reinforcing layer is 2-3 mm.

To seal the joints, press the filler into the gap between the boards with a trowel, removing excess and leveling the surface.

Application temperature: During application and during drying, the substrate temperature should not be less than + 5 ° C. Do not carry out filling work in direct sunlight or in strong winds.

Drying time: The second coat of putty can be applied at 20 ° C and 65% relative humidity after 24 hours. The time for complete drying and the ability to withstand the load occurs after 2-3 days. Full drying time depends on the thickness of the layer and the size of the gaps. It should be borne in mind that in the cool season and with high air humidity, the putty needs more time to cure and dry.

Consumption: approx. 1.1 kg / m2 per layer. These consumption figures are indicative and the actual consumption is determined when applied on site. Deviations depending on the type of surface and conditions of use must be taken into account.

Packing: 1kg, 25 kg.

Cleaning of tools: Wash immediately after use with water.

Storage: Store in a cool, frost-free area in its original packaging. The shelf life is 12 months.

Precautions: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult an ophthalmologist. Wear suitable eye and hand protection when working.

Disposal : According to local regulations. Do not empty into drains.

Elastic acrylic filler-sealant "Kittputz"

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