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Forms a waterproof film. Improves adhesion of finishing materials to the base. Strengthens the foundations. Reduces and evens out the absorption of the surface. Increases the moisture resistance of the coating. Increases resistance to abrasion, moisture resistance and resistance to fuels and lubricants of building mortars.

Technical description:

Type of material:

Primer-moisture insulator, modifier of mortars to give them strength and moisture-repellent properties.


Water, synthetic polymer dispersion, additives, preservative.


Milky white, colorless after drying.


Approximately 1.0 g / cm3.


A. Use as a primer

By brush, roller, or airless spray (nozzle 0.021 to 0.026 inches or 0.523 to 0.66 mm; pressure 6-8 bar; spray angle 40-80 °).

B. Use as a modifier of mortars

The diluted agent is used instead of water for mixing the solution.


Priming of porous and moisture-sensitive surfaces,

modification of the properties of cement and lime mortars, giving them water-repellent properties and moisture resistance.

For interior and exterior use.

WASSER STOP 1:10 - moisture insulating primer, modifier of mortars

1 Liter
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