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Venetian plaster - Marmorino - to give the surface the effect of "natural stone" with a "mirror shine". For interior work.

Technical description

Type of material:

Venetian plaster - Marmorino. Finely ground filler mass filled with marble flour. Using a special application technique, it makes it possible to create high-quality decorative surfaces in the Venetian style with the effect of polished natural stone. For interior work.


Acrylic dispersion, water, thickeners, special additives, fillers.



Gloss degree

From silky matte to glossy (depends on the method of work).


1.45 - 1.6 g / cm.


Venetian spatula.

Surface preparation:

New or previously painted surfaces: concrete, gypsum, plasterboard, cement, brick, chipboard, fiberboard. Substrates must be clean, dry, smooth, even and easily structured. Contrasting substrates must be primed with Kaizer White Pigmented Putzdgrundierfarbe White or Kaizer Putzdgrundharter 1: 4 Concentrated Primer for better adhesion of subsequent coats.


Finely ground putty mass, very easy to apply, easy to model, with a high degree of adhesion, odorless.


On a carefully prepared base, apply the filler with a Venetian stainless steel trowel. Apply, randomly to the entire surface, using a special filling technique in the form of spots. The resulting grooves give the surface during the application of the second layer of the coating volume and depth (Venetian effect). The first layer should dry completely within 6-8 hours. Then apply a second layer of coating in a thin layer, smoothing out any irregularities on the substrate and at the same time making sure that the trowel does not make any nicks or scratches on the surface to be treated. Apply the putty with pressure, then rub over the surface repeatedly with a clean stainless steel trowel, also with pressure, resulting in a glossy (mirror) effect.

Tool cleaning:

With water, immediately after use, if necessary with the addition of detergents.


12 months. Store in a cool, dry, frost-free place.


4 kg; 8 kg; 15 Kg


OK. 0.3 - 0.5 kg / m2, depending on the structure of the base. The most accurate determination of consumption is a test application on site.

Drying time:

At a temperature of + 20C and an air humidity of 65%, subsequent layers can be applied after 12 hours. Drying times are longer at lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Processing temperature:

+5 C minimum for the base and atmosphere during application and drying. Avoid drafts during application, as it dries quickly, there is a risk of cracking.


White. Computer tinting (by machine) or by hand using colors for water-based paints.


Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, otherwise rinse immediately with water. In order to protect the environment, do not discharge into water bodies, soil or sewers.


According to local regulations.

Venetian plaster. Marmorino

8 Kilograms
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