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Interior latex paint. Abrasion resistant, washable.

Type of material:

Water-based paint for interior work, for painting surfaces with high operational load. Possesses good hiding power, forms a coating resistant to abrasion, resistant to washing.


Water, synthetic dispersion, titanium dioxide, fillers, additives, preservative.



Gloss level:



Approximately 1.5 g / cm3.


Brush; roller; airless spray (nozzle from 0.026-0.031 inches = 0.66-0.79 mm; pressure 6-8 atm, spray angle 40-80 °)


For the formation of durable, abrasion-resistant matte coatings on walls and ceilings with increased operational load (walls of flights of stairs and landings, halls, offices, corridors, etc.)

Ideal for painting on fiberglass, coarse fiber and textured wallpaper, concrete, plaster and plaster surfaces and wood surfaces in the interior. Does not support the formation of mold and mildew, suitable for use in rooms with high humidity (in rooms with swimming pools, bathrooms, dressing rooms).


Resistant to abrasion and washing, including with detergents. Easy to handle, good and long-lasting. The paint dries evenly and without stains. Applying undiluted paint using a textured roller creates a slightly smooth surface. Has a high vapor permeability, does not support the development of mold and mildew.

Substrate preparation:

Mattlatex latex paint of Meister gut can be applied to all solid substrates, they must be clean, dry and hard. Old glue whitewash must be completely removed. Treat fresh cement-based plaster and repaired areas with Meister Gut Concentrated Primer 1: 1, Putzgrundharter 1: 4 deep penetrating primer, or Kaizer Putzgrundierfarbe white primer paint. Observe the relevant processing rules.

Application procedure:

1st (priming) coat: thin the paint with a maximum of 10% water.

2nd (final) coating: do not thin if possible.

When painting, make sure that the material is applied evenly.


water-dispersive color, subject to machine coloring. Base A, B, C

Cleaning tools:

Rinse with water immediately after use.


In a cool and dry place, protected from frost. In tightly closed manufacturer's packaging, storage stability is guaranteed for approximately 12 months.


1kg, 4kg, 7.5kg, 15kg, 25kg


150 g paint in one layer is enough for about 1 m2, on rough surfaces and glass wallpapers, respectively, more, about 180-200 g / m2. The most reliable method of accurately establishing the flow rate is a test painting.

Drying time:

At room temperature around + 20 ° C, re-coating is possible on the same day. At colder temperatures, accordingly withstand a longer drying time.

Processing temperature:

+ 5 ° C minimum for substrate and atmosphere during application and drying.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, flush with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains.


According to local regulations.

Latex paint. "Mattlatex"

1 Kilogram
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